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2 Bears, 1 Cave with Tom Segura & Bert Kreischer

Feb 1, 2021

Are you ready for the Big Game on February 7th?! Come hang out with the bears and special guest Warren Sapp as they watch both teams face off in the final game of the season. Get tickets at

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Tom Segura and Bert Kreischer start off this episode of 2 Bears, 1 Cave by discussing how Bert is celebrating his power. Bert recaps his "Winston Churchill Day," discusses his house getting broken into, and explains why he loves sunsets. They reveal that the trauma Bert incurred from being cheated on, was actually the result of him cheating first, and watch a clip of AEW commentators flubbing Bert's name once again. They call Cody Rhodes and Snoop Dogg, and Snoop agrees to go fishing with the Bears and Warren Sapp!