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2 Bears, 1 Cave with Tom Segura & Bert Kreischer

Jun 28, 2021

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Today on 2 Bears 1 Cave, comedian, writer and host Greg Fitzsimmons steps in for Bert Kreischer. First, Tom Segura and Greg discuss going out to gay bars, Bert's hygiene, and Greg talks about meeting Jon Voight on a plane. Then, Greg discusses his time working on the Ellen DeGeneres show, hooking up with girls from comedy shows, and his dad bod. Next, Tom and Greg discuss how good they'd be at performing oral on a a man, online trolls, and Tom tells a crazy story about the Mexican cartel. After that, Greg and Tom open up about his anger issues, physical parents and trying to have better parenting tendencies. Last, Tom and Greg talk about their kids growing up, moving to Texas and the benefits of being fat in cold weather.